热门 产 品
Professional Musical Instrument Company
                About Le Feng
       Our company was founded in 2008.Founder Kinger Lau was born in 1960.In the early days, we mainly focused on music, and mainly focused on teaching and performance.By chance we met Kombio Jakaz in 2010.He told us that teaching and acting could not be handed down forever, we must realize our cause as a product, so that our heart of loving music can be kept and our contribution can be enjoyed by future generations.This enabled us to start production research and development.
       We have encountered many difficulties in production and research and development. Although we are engaged in music business, we are totally a layman in production, but we finally overcome these difficulties one by one. C S Cheung Malaysian overseas Chinese, he is our senior leader.He managed the production area, so that we had to overcome all these difficulties in the workshop, from the management of the workers, to the mold specification, even to the development.Our production chain mainly consists of Guitar variation clip (Guitar capo, Guitar stand, Guitar Tuner, Finger organ, Cable)
         2014 was a breakthrough for our lefeng company.Because of the entry of Cyza Lau, with his influence in the Chinese market, we became a dealer of international brands and enriched the company's product line.Agency products SG, Timbra, D 'addario, Line6, Fishman
       In 2016, our company was a professional instrument accessories company.We have our own brand of Kombosin accessories and do OEM work for some industry giants.Now acting international brands, these above make our company strong, professional.